This game is about putting 7" nerf type balls in 3 goals.
There are 2 corner goals and one center goal.
The center goal is 8' 6" high and 3 ft. in diameter and is worth 3 points.
The corner goals are 44" wide and 10" high and are worrth 1 point per ball.
One alliance robot on ramp is 10 pts.  
All alliance robots on ramp is worth 25 points.
Jason and Mathew placing the robot in the starting
Jason and Mathew placing the robot in the starting
The happy winners of 2006 Monty Madness:
Team 25 - Raider Robotix, North Brunswick HS, NJ
Team 371 - Cyber Warriors, Curtis HS, St. Isle.,NY
Team 1089 - Team Mercury, Hightstown HS, NJ
During the finals, all 3 robots of the winning team make
it onto the platform in time.
Only two robots of the losing team got onto the
platform this time.
Our robot moving around on the playing field
The team giving a thumbs up right before the competition.
The team looking on after the match.
Our robot pushing/blocking team 1403's robot.
Our team cheering on from the bleachers.
Team 271's robot took a bad fall!
Andrew, Kevin, Mathew, Jason, Alan happy to be at
Monty Madness giving the resurrected Phoenix Car
another shot.
Recap for our Robot for Monty Madness:
1. For the first time, our robot got up the platform.
2. For the first time, our main device worked (ball dump).
3. For the first time, our autonomous mode got the robot exactly to the goal.
4. For the first time, our robot did not fall over.
5. For the first time, our robot's drivetrain did not fail - not even once.
6. For the first time, no system component broke or failed.
We had lots of firsts in this FIRST game!

Thanks Montgomery Township High School for your competition!  U.N.H.S. had a lot of fun!
Match Results:  36 teams. 36 regular matches.
Positions: (driver, navigator, thrower, mentor)
Actions: [no. of balls dumped into goal, no. of balls
thrown to goal, up ramp?]
Results of 7 UNHS Matches below:
UNHS  Opponent
Team   Team
1.  16        63   (Kev,MatR,Alan,Jay)  [8!,3,no]
2.  11        75   (MatZ, Kev,Alan,Vin)  [0-early,-,almost]
3.   0          0    (Kev, MatR, MZ,Jay)   [7,-,no]
      -scoring malfunction-              
4.  12        19   (MZ,-,Mod,-)            [-,-,-]  good.D
5.   17       27   (MR,Kev,-,Avi) [0-early,0,no-reverse]gd.D
6.   13       95   (Kev,MatR,Andrew,Jay) [8,5,twice!]
7.   cancelled
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