This game is about tetrahedrons (tetras) as the scoring shape.  There are 9 goals on the
27'x54' playing field.
Tetras in goals score 1 point.
Tetras on goals score 3 points.
A row or diagonal of the same color scores 10 points.
All alliance robots behind line scores 10 points.
Vision tetra on middle scores 9 points on side scores 6.
Jorge holding the partially
completed chassis - 1/27/5
Wong looking at the circuit board layout
- 1/27/5
Greasy chain partially installed - 1/27/5
Jason our team captain putting the
hubs and sprockets on the wheels-2/2/5
Mario cutting the an alum. L channel for
the battery mount - 2/2/5
Avi has gotten so good with his electronics
he can do it with his eyes closed! - 2/2/5.
Boris breaking the chain and relinking it
for the 4 wheel drivetrain - 2/2/5
Avi and Wong working on the electrical
board - 2/5/5
Danny and Andrew working on
tightening the chains w/delrin -2/4/5
Mathew working on sorting the bolts,
nuts, washers, & many other items 2/5/5
The Drivetrain Works! - The team testing  
the drivetrain. Those wheels spin fast.  
Thank you FIRST! - 2/7/5
Mr. Friedland proudly showing of the base
motor mount with pulley - 2/10/5
Andrew working on the arm joint motor
mount assembly - 2/10/5
Danny trimming the motor mount - 2/11/5
Mathew installing the MPLAB compiler on
the laptop - 2/12/5
Avi mounting the circuit board - 2/12/5
Jason & Boris assembling the
pneumatic arm, Mathew & Joell on the
primary arm - 2/17/5
Mario and Andrew chaining the main arm
- 2/16/5
Jean Daniels wiring the telescoping arm
 motor - 2/17/5
Wong and John wiring the circuit board
@ Brooklyn Technical High School  -
2/19/5  (thanks Gordon & B.Tech H.S.)
Everybody working on the primary arm
- 2/19/5
The first testing of the drivetrain by Avi and
the team - 2/5/5