Mathew showing his robot idea
to Dan (mentor) for the 2006
game Aim High.
Killian (mentor) showing Nickolas
how to measure to mark the cut
lines for the chassis.
Kevin preparing to cut the
Last year's students become this
year's mentors.  Both Boris and
Mario cutting the chassis rail.
Avi (mentor) giving the thumbs up
as he's assembling the motor /
Suzanne programming in the
pseudo-code on the notebook
Kevin and Mathew doubling up
the wheels for the robot.
Dan (mentor) showing Nickolas how
to measure the cut for the  chassis
Anita (mentor) showing Alan how to
measure for the cutting of the circuit
Killian and Abhinav laying out the
sidewall plexiglass.
Anita, Kilian, Abhinav and Andrew
working on the sidwall. Killian
drilling through.
Dan chaining up the right
Our large circuit board.  The small
one is already attached.  We have
a split level circuit board.
Mathew cutting aluminum tubing.
Avi and Alan working on the large
circuit board mounting frame.
Anita showing Mathew how to cut
and strip wire for use on the
electrical board.
Kevin, Mathew, and others
assembling the sidwalls to make the
sidebody. Robot is starting to take
After all the hard work that day,
Mr. Friedland bought us some hot
delicious chinese food.  Thank
you Mr. Friedland!
Andrew, Nickolas, Mathew and Alan
bolting the robot together.
John and Dan showing off the
alligator clipped special 2-ply
conveyor belt.
Mr. Daniels showing Mathew how to
soder electrical wire.
Anita and Killian installing the
lights on the robot body.
Mathew installing the radio
modem on the bot.
Andrew, Weiling, and Kilian  just
installed the threaded rod joining
the conveyor front & backboard.
Weiling installing bumpers on the
Vince and Killian showing off the
just stapled conveyor belt.
Kevin, Alan, and Dan cutting
2x4's for the packing crate.
Suzanne and Killian making the
robot crate.
Unfortunately, we only got 90% of
the robot completed.

At the competition we'll finish the
rest of it and will update the
photo section with a picture of the
completed robot.

Good job everybody.
Suzanne working on the robot
controller circuit board to download
the program.  Also, Weiling's,
Modesto's and Suzanne's artwork in
the foreground.
Alan and Modesto fixing up batteries
for the competition.