2007 FIRST Robotics Kick-Off
at Polytechnic Univesity 1/6/7
Our team in the Auditorium
waiting for the reveal
(Matthew, Kevin, Jason, MatZ)
Vince Wilson (mentor) and
Stanley Friedland (teacher)
give thumbs up for Rack-n-Roll
Modesto and Kevin already
brainstorming ideas at kick-off
at the Poly lunchroom.
The team loading the truck with
the Kit of Parts (KOP). Matthew
holding his electrical portion.
The team in front of the library.
Our dragon bot on display for our
sponsors Verizon (June Jee), GS, &
FIRST regional director (Ana
Mr. Friedland with our new
sponsors from Goldman Sachs -
Glenn Gribble & Warren Finnerty.
Our 2006 Robot (Phoenix Car)
dressed up as our Halloween
Dragon Bot. The dragon's eyes
can literally burn. - 1/8/7
Students happy about finally
starting the new season.  1/11/7
Glenn (mentor) with Andrew (our
prez.) cutting out mock cardboard
pieces of the field to see if the arm
would work.  It did!  - 1/13/7
Our new ktibot rails, bumpers and
assorted pieces.  We did the
inventory check and we got all the
pieces in the Kit of Parts this year!
Matthew and Kevin rebolting the
chassis with locknuts and locktite.
Painstaking work, but necessary.
Kevin rebolting the chassis with
locknuts and locktite and Justin
working on bolting the wheels. The
PTA in the background
Matthew, Jimmy and Wong mapping
and and designing the electrical
Andrew drilling into the shoulder of
the arm. - 1/18/7
Modesto & Gavin showing off the
assembled arm.  Good job Modesto,
Gavin, Andrew, Tabia & Shane.-1/20/7
Matthew installed the electrical
components onto the electrical board.
Mathew is our electrical lead. - 1/22/7
Mr. Daniels working on the electrical
board. - 1/24/7
Kevin bolting up the platform post.  
Kevin is our lead mechanic. - 1/27/7
Warren and Killian showing off their
completed ramp.  Great work guys!
Gavin trimming down the main arm.  
The grinder makes the aluminum get
John helping Kevin with the support
brackets. - 1/27/7
Kevin & Killian installing the platform
board. - 1/27/7
The arm mast being placed by Kevin,
Warren and Gavin.  Kevin later bolted
the arm mast to the wood platform.
Justin showing off his solenoid board
and his cylinder board.
Justin installing the solenoid board
on the robot. - 2/3/7
Warren, Modesto and Killian cutting
the ramp to reduce weight.
Warren and Killian cutting the ramp
to reduce weight. The cutout pattern
was great.
Joshua drawing the cutout in pencil
on the wood ramp.
Testing the height of the arm with a
toroid. Matthew in the foreground.
Alan drilling into the arm to attach the
arm cylinder.
No, that's not a person with green hair,
that's Justin behind the green
pneumatics tubing.
Andrew weighing our ramp with a
small digital scale, it weighed 19 lbs.
Kevin just finished installing the arm
bracket. Arm finished. Thanks Kevin
- 2/1/7
Kevin working on the arm - 2/1/7
Kevin giving the thumbs up on the
arm. 2/1/7
Joseph preparing to drill into the
robot. 2/1/7
Kevin working on the motor mounts -
Justin just finished mounting the
compressor onto the wood board -
Tabia testing the drivetrain.
Tabia testing the drivetrain.
Kevin and Gavin bolting the donut
hook onto the robot. - 2/5/7
Kevin filing the wheel spacers - 2/5/7
Joseph designing the new hook - 2/5/7
Li Wei and Matthew working on the
blinking light. - 2/6/7
The light finally works.  We didn't
know the light relay goes into the
relay base! Problem fixed - 2/6/7
Modesto prepping the arm for the flag
holder. - 2/6/7
New team member Jeremy filling out
the questionnaire. - 2/3/7
Killian and Warren seeing if a similar
robot can travel up the ramp.   1/27/7
Li Wei and Jeremy filing down the
Killian and Kevin working on the
drivetrain and having fun.
Li Wei filing a piece of metal.
Killian and Li Wei working on the
motor pillow blocks - 2/7/7
Modesto and Kevin fooling around
with the 12V lights.
Modesto installing the battery
connector to the battery - 2/18/7.
Our 2007 robot in the basement.
Warren and Glenn assembling the
wood crate. They straightened out
those curves in the wood!
Joseph drawing the robot for the
painting color scheme.
The team and Mr. Friedland
installing the back bumper - 2/16/7.
Albani tightening the 24 tooth sprocket
for our second set of 8" wheels.
Glenn and Mr. Frieldand's SUV
before relocating the robot to
Glenn's place.
Robot, meet Glenn's house. He'll
end up liking it here the last 2 days.
John, Warren and Glenn checking
the arm and gripper. - 2/18/7
Our robot right after we got the
claw to work at 9:45pm.
The insides of the broken robot
controller. Ouch! - 2/18/7
Glenn, Warren and John looking at
the robot claw.
The 6th. version of the claw.
The team did a great job with the
bumpers - 2/19/7
Glenn and Warren thinking about
the claw problem.
The last one's left. It's10pm, do you
know where your mentors are?
2007 GAME (click here)