2011 GAME (click here)
Mentor Nelson inflated the game piece and compared
this year's game Logomotion (2011) to the 2007 game
"Rack n Roll".
Brainstorming some ideas. Rough draft
drawings of the robot.
Electrical team opening up the new National
Instruments CRIO.
Charles giving a lesson on wiring and
batteries to Jaime & Luis.
Aaron and Andrew opening up the mini-bot
box that we just received from Andymark.
Principal Collins encouraging the students and
reviewing robot ideas.
John and Andrew building the mini-bot.
Bela designing the mini-bot deployer on
graph paper.
Jaime assembling the electrical board and wiring the
components together.  There is the power distribution
board, Jaguar/Victor speed controllers & more.
Jason (former team captain-l.) and Aaron (current
team captain-r.) standing by an enormous snow
Monchi-chi? It was made by the store owner behind it
near the school in the Lower E. Side.
Aaron working on the mini-bot deployer.